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Dear Friends and Loyal Customers,

Geoff and I first set out in the pub/hospitality sector more than twenty years ago (it was a few years before that as punters!). Many memories have been made, some more memorable than others, however we have always kept our spirit and passion for one of the cornerstones of culture and community; the Great British Pub.

Twenty years in any industry is considered a long time and the hospitality trade is no different. We’ve adjusted with trends and moved several times; however, we have always been astounded by the welcoming and accepting nature of those around us. When we arrived at The Horse and Groom in March 2005 we felt we had found our feet. We took over an excluded entity of the community, a pub with a drab feeling and an infrequent footfall. It is safe to say we are overwhelmed with what the Horse and Groom has become. A community hub for some, a destination for others and the subject of so many phenomenal events and stories. All this success couldn’t have been achieved without you, the customers, friends and family of the H&G.

This leads us nicely to the point of this statement and one that Geoff and I have considered for a long time. We have had an excellent two decades in the industry however the time has come for us to move on. It is with heartfelt thanks rather than regret that we have made the decision to move on from the Horse and Groom. It is important to stress that this process can take an extraordinarily long time and we could still be enjoying your fantastic support this time next year but with the official listing now live we felt compelled to inform our loyal customer base that the process has started.

It has been our honour and privilege to be the Landlord and Lady of the Horse and Groom and we are excited with what the future will hold for our family and us. We look forward to sharing our remaining time here with you, our incredible customers and it is business as usual.

Yours truly,

Geoff & Kelly Bishop